Our story

Hej! We started Sightseeing Ride because we felt that something was missing in Stockholm. A more personal boating experience where guests are treated like friends. We wanted our ride to be in a 100% electric & quiet boat, not messing with the planet, just to see the sights and enjoy the feeling of the city. Instead of funky old headphones we wanted an actual live guide trained at some of Stockholms most prestigious acting schools. Putting it all together and you have the SIGHTSEEING RIDE company, not just a tour, a ride! Come and experience an up close view of icons such as Old town, Royal Palace, Vasa Museum and much more.
Come RIDE with us!

Oh! And thank you for reading about us. For scrolling this far down into the depths of our website, have the code: DEEPDIVE to use at checkout for a discount on us.

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Our Boats

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Environmental friendly

Our boats are 100 % electric, charged with clean and green energy, safe for you, the fish and our future.

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The only open boat ride in Stockholm. We sail closer to the city and under bridges no one else can.

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Best guides

Our guides have the best knowledge of Stockholm with fun anecdotes to boot, and we only hire professional actors 

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Our tour isn’t just limited to your personal joy and entertainment. Our rides cater to animal-lovers who’d love to enjoy the scenic route with their fur-buddy.