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Come ride in the best boat Stockholm has to offer.

At Sightseeing Ride we offer private ride options for your Corporate events, Bachelor party, Birthday Bash or anything else you can imagine.
Rent your own boat with our captain & guide. Go on your own adventure with a private tour with family and friends or rent it for your corporate event as your environmentally friendly transportation. We take care of you, or you design your own experience, your way.
Ride into the sunset with open electric and environmentally friendly boats.  Contact our team below and we will plan something special just for you

The flexible option

Do you need a boat for a wedding, bachelorette or bachelor party? Or for a corporate event or executive team celebration? Since we started Sightseeing Ride in 2022, we have taken many small and large groups out on the waters of Stockholm. Sometimes the trips have been short; from one quay to another (our boats can handle all kinds of quays). Sometimes they have been longer so that the journey has become part of the celebration or corporate event. Some have chosen snacks and drinks on the boat, others have brought their own. Many have also hired one of our popular musicians to enhance the journey. Others have asked us to arrange quizzes during the trip. The atmosphere has been high during the trips, the guests have been completely satisfied and happy (and we have often had as much fun as they have). The ratings for our charters and rentals are the highest, feel free to check us out:

Tailored Tours

How would you like your company's trip to be? What time should the departure take place? What time should we pick you up again? Full evening or partial evening? With or without drinks, music, guidance? You decide. We tailor according to your wishes and create the journey as you want it. Each boat accommodates 34 passengers. And is equipped with blankets, cushions, and all necessary safety equipment.

Eco-friendly. Sustainable. Affordable.

Choosing Sightseeing Ride for your company outing, wedding party, or just a regular evening of fun is choosing the environmentally friendly option. We are the only ones using electric boats in the waters of Stockholm. Traveling with us is a great answer to your company's sustainability policy. Finally, you're probably wondering about the price. Is it possible that the price can be reasonable with both these specially built electric boats (the environmentally friendly option!) and Sightseeing Ride's flexibility (you can decide how the trip should be shaped!)? Yes, it is! Our belief is that the sustainable option should not be more expensive than the unsustainable, quite the opposite. Our charter prices are not higher than those of gasoline-powered sightseeing boats. 

Chartering a Sightseeing Ride boat thus starts at 2900 SEK / hour.