Things to do in Stockholm in December

Are you planning to have an amazing winter holiday in 2022? Your search ends right here, as you are about to discover the holiday place of your dreams! Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and is known as the winter wonderland. It is one of the most popular winter tourism places in the world. Stockholm is known for its unparalleled beauty during temperature drops. The city filled with snow makes Christmas and New Year’s even more glorious, which you must not miss watching. This blog throws light on the best things to do in Stockholm in December:

Things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city known for its majestic winters filled with joy, fun, snow and a festive mood! The city turns picturesque during the month of December, blessed with fresh air. There are many winter-based fun activities across the city for locals and tourists. Most people from different countries visit Stockholm in December for all the fun things to do there. Come let’s explore some activities to do in Stockholm in December: 

1. Follow the Christmas lights

Stockholm is known for its fascinating Christmas decor. If you are visiting the city in December, you should not miss following the Christmas lights spread across the city. Lights of varied designs, shapes, and displays fill the city that is so beautiful to watch. You will be more than amazed to know that Stockholm has a dedicated website for guiding visitors through the Christmas light tour. 

You can take a self-guided tour through the streets of Stockholm with the help of navigation maps on the website. These light tours start in mid-November and last till mid-January for visitors for Christmas in Sweden. The lights are turned on every afternoon at around 2:00 pm and are shut down by late evening around 10:00 pm. The walking light tours need not be taken in a specific direction. You can choose to explore different areas of the city and the hidden specialties of these places. However, it is recommended not to miss out on visiting places like Nordiska Kompaniet, Kungsträdgården, Nybrogatan, Birger Jarlsgatan, Biblioteksgatan, etc. 

Stockholm decorates more than 40 streets with about a million LED lights in different shapes and sizes every year. 

2. Visit the Christmas Market 

Stockholm holds a tradition of its festive Christmas market every year. The market is crowded with artifacts, crafts, gifts, candies, and Swedish wine. If you are a tourist, this could be the best place to buy some amazing gifts and tasty candies for your loved ones back home. The markets also host a bundle of fun-filled activities and rides for visitors and tourists, which you can enjoy. 

Christmas Markets are famous across Sweden as a tradition and hence can be found in almost all parts of Stockholm during December. These markets tend to open in mid-November and close post-Christmas. Some of the must-visit Christmas market places in Stockholm include  Drottningholm Palace, Stortorget, Stockholm Old Town and Skansen. 

While you visit these Christmas market-places in Stockholm, do not skip visiting the display museums, workshops, and talks. Some of these things can turn out highly informative. 

3. Enjoy a Christmas Buffet 

Sweden’s Christmas buffet, also known as Julboard, is popular as a December buffet across the globe. Swedish people aren’t turkey fans, and they rather prefer a classic and elaborate meal with their family. Typically, a Julboard has a wide variety of dishes sided by wine or a hard liquor named Schnapps. The cuisines include pickled herring, salmon, different meats, sausages, meatballs, hams, gingerbread, and desserts. The meal set is decorated with beautiful candles, lights, and other Christmas decoration items. 

There are many other Julboards held at different tiny and large places in Stockholm. Most people host it at town-side locations where they can accommodate a larger number of people. As a tourist or a visitor, you can be a part of Julboard from the last week of November until Christmas. You can visit places in Stockholm, namely Rökeriet Fjäderholmarna, Swing by Golfbaren, Tre Valv, Holiday, etc., for a fantastic Christmas buffet.

4. Watch the largest Christmas Tree

Not just Stockholm, but entire Sweden is filled with Christmas trees. The trees come in different sizes and heights. You will see Swedish people taking a lot of effort to select the perfect Christmas tree for themselves. 

As a tourist visiting Stockholm during December, you ought to see the tallest & real Christmas tree. Skeppsbron, Stockholm, has the world’s biggest real Christmas tree. It is about 38 meters tall. Skeppsbron is visited by a few thousand tourists and local visitors each year.

It is truly magical to watch it while it is beautifully adorned and lit up! It is said that this Christmas tree alone is decorated with about 5000 lights and is topped by a 4-meter tall lit-up star! Wouldn’t that be one-of-a-kind? Sure it is!

And so, don’t forget to grab a few amazing snaps of the Skeppsbron’s tree. It is surely a treat to your eyes and an exceptional experience in itself. 

5. Take a guided Christmas tour 

Christmas in Stockholm is like another-world story! It is an experience like none other. Taking a guided tour through the important streets and places of Stockholm can help you understand the underlying meaning of things. Stockholm is seen to be following its ancient traditions. As a visitor, you often get to know the significance of many events happening around you in the festive season of December. The guides who walk you through the city are knowledgable and experienced in various practices attached to Christmas and the New Year. 

You can choose one such guided Christmas tour in Stockholm depending on the walking/touring span and the places to visit. Most tours also provide basic snacks along with mulled wine. Yet, it is recommended to keep some water and food handy if needed. 

6. Celebrate the Swedish New Year 

Swedish New Year celebrations are filled with complete joy and enthusiasm. You can expect to see people preparing for New Year's Eve almost everywhere in Stockholm. As a tourist, being a part of such a grand celebration would be a pleasure. On New Year’s eve, joy fills the air with fireworks, sparkling wines, and the Shellfish dinner to be had late at night. The fireworks especially are seen in different colors, styles, and transitions. If you are a tourist, there are several viewpoints in Stockholm from where you can see the New Year celebrations. 

You can visit places like Skinnarviksberget, Vita Bergen, Vanadislunden, Monteliusvägen, Fjällgatan, etc., to view amazing views of Stockholm city during the New Year celebration. In Sweden, the New Year celebration is more of a family event, hence making it the best thing to do in Stockholm with family. 

7. Do Ice skating

When you visit Stockholm during December, the city would be filled with snow all around. Ice skating is one of the most famous tourist activities in the city. There are ice skating rinks around the city that you can visit. Some of them are free, while some charge a small amount. But ice skating in Stockholm is a winter sport you would not want to miss! It is indeed so much fun, and you will see the rinks filled with tourists and even locals. With respect to the location you choose to ice-skate, the Christmas views around are a treat to your eyes as you skate. It is so much more beautiful to see the warm Christmas lighting and enjoy a fun skating ride.

You can visit the ice skating rinks in Vasaparken, and Kungsträdgården which are the most famous ones. You can also visit activity parks like Scandinavian Ice Adventure for ice skating. The Green Trails offers ice skating on ice-covered lakes, which is yet another experience.

8. Enjoy local Cuisines 

Taking a gastronomic tour in Stockholm is one of the best things to do in Sweden. The city has relishing cuisines to offer you. Get ready to taste dishes that light up your mood! Stockholm’s cuisine is vibrant. But, you will find an influence of global cuisines on its food. You will also be able to find the world’s best dishes in Stockholm almost easily. If you are a vegetarian, you can stay relaxed since you have got too many good vegetarian restaurants to visit in  Hermans. However, on being in Stockholm, you should not miss out on trying dishes like Swedish potato dumping, Swedish hash, Cabbage pudding, pork and brown baked beans, Sandwich cake, etc. Apart from that, there are a number of fast food options available. You can find pizzas, burgers, fries, and sandwiches almost everywhere. 

It is recommended to visit at least one of Stockholm’s authentic restaurants. Not only because they are the best, but because you might take home the flavor of this beautiful city.

You must consider visiting restaurants like, Grus Grus, Tennstopet, Agrikultur, etc. 

9. Visit the National Museum of Fine Arts

Established in the year 1792 as the Royal Museum, it is known to be the National Museum of Sweden. It is a huge property holding a collection of more than 7,00,000 objects. The objects date back from the 16th century to the 20th century. Visiting this museum will be a day tour in itself if you are an artist or an art & history lover. The museum has a diverse collection of paintings, crafts, sculptures, wood art, drawings, portraits, graphic art, and so much more. 

It is a must-visit because of its interiors and overall fascinating architecture. You will surely be amazed by the large galleries, staircases, and brilliant art forms.

You can also visit the gift shop in the vicinity of the museum if you wish to buy some creative stuff. The museum also hosts a number of seminars and workshops on various topics. You may choose to attend them if it impresses you!

10. Explore Old Town Stockholm

The old town, also known as Gamla Stan, is nothing less than an open museum you can feel, touch, and live in. The old town is like the heartbeat of Stockholm, for it is the most ancient place in the city. Dating back to the 1200s, it still has its beauty afresh. The place is packed with best-of-the cafes, tourist attractions and authentic restaurants. You will also find beautiful shopping places, boutiques, and cultural sites to stop by. The place gives you the experience of medieval times through its narrow streets and unique architecture. The jaw-dropping beauty of the buildings in vibrant colors attracts tourists from all over the world to the Old Town. 

This is a must-visit place for you if you love visiting picturesque locations. This place might just remain on the top of your list forever. It is also a great place to buy some souvenirs, sweets, and gifts for your loved ones back home. 

11. Take a tour of the Royal Palace

Also known as Sveriges Kungahus, the Royal Palace of Stockholm is in the vicinity of Gamla Stan. It is known to be the residence of the Swedish king. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Stockholm. Thousands of tourists and visitors come to witness the vastness and beauty of the palace. 

The Royal Palace of Stockholm is known to have about 600 rooms and several parks and museums. The palace is home to unimaginable wealth and fortune, including gold, silver, and gems of all kinds. The interiors and exteriors of the palace are jaw-droppingly fascinating to make you be around it for a little longer.  

Visiting the Royal Palace with a guided tour is recommended. You may also choose to take an audio guide to understand the history and significance of the place. 

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Things to remember in Stockholm in December 

Here’s a quick guide to making your winter trip to Stockholm a memorable one:

  • Things to Carry: It is necessary to carry thermal clothing, including thermal underwear and layers. You must also carry things like waterproof boots, sweaters, full-length t-shirts and pants, winter caps, a first-aid kit, a camera, a tripod, enough water, identity documents, etc. 
  • What to wear: You should prefer to wear full-length shirts & skirts, t-shirts, pants and sweaters during December in Stockholm. Because the weather is cool, it is recommended to carry your warmest collection. You must also keep handy warm socks, hand gloves, scarves, etc.


If you are choosing Stockholm to celebrate the year-end, you sure are making a once-in-a-lifetime choice. The city is graced with an amazing climate and eye-catchy beauty to make your Christmas memorable. 

Gear up to enjoy the Christmas- special fun in the city apart from enjoying the authentic cuisines and lite up marketplaces! 

A trip to Stockholm in December is meant to bring joy to your life. 

Go claim it! 


1. What is the climate in Stockholm in December?

Stockholm experiences the winter season in December. It is usually snowy and chilling around Christmas and New Year. The temperatures drop up to -20 degrees Celcius or more in December every year. 

2. Is Stockholm good for the Christmas celebration?

Stockholm is one of the best choices you can make to celebrate Christmas. The city is beautifully lit for more than a month and hosts several Christmas markets. Christmas and the New Year are celebrated with great enthusiasm in Stockholm. 

3. What is Stockholm known for?

Stockholm is known for its islands, untouched nature sites, boat rides, architecture, ice skating, etc. 

4. Is Stockholm expensive?

Yes, Stockholm is an expensive city. With its untouched beauty and tourism, the city’s lifestyle is lavish. But, if you wish to experience a holiday filled with luxury, beauty, and peace, there’s no place as right as Stockholm.