Winter Break Activities in Stockholm

When visiting the "Venice of North" in the winter, you can never have enough of it. The city looks magical with the freezing sea and the Christmas trees with shimmering lights. In addition, you can participate in fun activities like skiing, skating, boat tours, and many more. Here in this article, we've listed down 8 most exciting ones you shouldn't miss.

Activity #1 Winter Boat Trip

The Winter Boat trip is a magical experience in the city of Stockholm. Witnessing the beauty of Stockholm winter from a different perspective is something you'll cherish for a lifetime.

There are two types of boat ride options available with us-the sightseeing ride and the music ride. In the former one, you get to ride under narrow bridges, historical spots, and all the remarkable places of the city guided by professional guides. It costs around 260 SEK, and it is a fantastic experience with the beautiful sightseeing paired with onboard drinks and snacks. You can also get a roof and blankets when the weather gets too cold.

The music boat ride allows you to visit the city's harbors with your friends and families, accompanied by live music. The electric boats are too quiet, ensuring you enjoy the live music while indulging in the magnificent views of the city. You can bring snacks or buy some onboard for the 2-hour boat ride.

These boat rides are one of the best ways to enjoy the magical Stockholm winter.

Activity #2 Skiing

Skiing is an activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages. And what's a better way to enjoy Stockholm's snowy slopes than going on a family ski trip?

There are two types of places in the city for skiing - one that uses natural snow and the other that utilizes artificial snow.

The Different Tracks

The natural snow tracks are present in:

  • Spånga sports field
  • Hellasgårdens ski tracks
  • Lövsta ski tracks
  • Lida recreational area.

The artificial snow tracks can be found in:

  • Ågesta ski tracks
  • Gärdet sports grounds

If you are looking for ski areas where you can whoosh down the slopes, then you should check out:

  • Ragnilhdsborgsbacken
  • Väsjöparken
  • Flottsbro
  • Ekebyhovsbacken
  • Hammarbybacken
  • Brukets skidbacke
  • Ekholmsnäsbacken

All these places are extremely popular among tourists, and you can visit them with your family or friends to have fun.

Activity #3 Skating

Skating has always been a fun adventure. Whether you are a pro skater with excellent skills or a novice, it doesn't matter, as long as you are willing to try this activity. In the freezing winters, the lakes in the city turn into beautiful skating rinks that the locals and tourists exploit.

The most sought-after ice skating rinks in the city are:

  • Kungsträdgården
  • Vasaparken

If you want to go skating on some frozen lakes, the closest place to visit is Trekanten in Liljeholmen. However, if you are looking for long-distance ice skating, then Östermalms IP is your bias. With an ice rink as big as 400 meters, you can play other games like ice hockey or bandy.

In all these places, skates and helmets are available for rent. Even if you are traveling with kids, you don't have to worry about packing these things as these places also offer amenities for kids. In Östermalms, the grill is available on weekends to have a nice picnic with your family while enjoying the Swedish winter.

Activity #4 Archipelago Trip

At just 20 minutes from the city, discover the world of more than 30,000 islands. The Archipelago trip is one of the most popular tourist activities when visiting Stockholm.

In the west, close to the city, are Fjäderholmarna Islands, and in the east, you will find the Svenska Högarna islets. Towards the south is an abandoned lighthouse on Landsort and deserted fortifications on Arnholma in the north.

The quiet nature and an untouched, raw civilization seem like the place is somewhere far away from the modern world.

If you do not have enough time on your hands to spend on the Archipelago, the four places that you must visit are:

  • Vaxholm
  • Gustavsberg
  • Värmdö
  • Fjäderholmarna

However, if you had organized your trip in a way that you can spend enough time on this Archipelago, then the islands that you should also check out are:

  • Sandön
  • Möja
  • Nåttarö
  • Utö
  • Grinda
  • Finnhamn

All the Archipelago trips are scheduled by the public transportation company, Waxholmsbolaget. However, if you are on a tight schedule, you can avail the privately owned company Cinderellabåtarna to reach the most distant island faster.

Activity #5 Winter Kayaking

Many of you might have participated in kayaking before, but Winter kayaking may be something new for you. The kayaking experience in the Archipelago is something you will remember for a long time.

Paddle around the area around Vaxholm while the fresh air touches your face. Enjoy the30-minute kayaking experience followed by a traditional wood-burning sauna and a cold dip in the freezing sea.

However, you must be appropriately dressed to bear the Swedish winter. Since it's kayaking, you should avoid clothes made of cotton or jeans and prefer synthetic, woolens, or thermal fabrics. Layer up with thermal underwear, hiking pants, woolen gloves, and warm hats like beanies.

Activity #6 Winter Swimming

We all have swam in the seas in the summer to beat the heat. But have you ever perceived how it would feel to go winter swimming? This is the new hype on social media, and we believe you should definitely check this out.

People claim that there are many benefits of swimming in freezing waters. It not only boosts energy but also helps in gaining overall confidence.

There are multiple places in Stockholm to venture winter swimming. Some of them are:

  • Källtorp's Lake in Nacka
  • Norrbergsbadet in Vaxholm
  • Fredhällsbadet on Kungsholmen
  • Domarudden in Österåker
  • Tenöbadet at Bogesund

The places mentioned above are the best choices if you want to experience the Swedish winter.

However, there are a few points that you should remember before going winter swimming.

  • Do not drink and swim
  • Never go for this activity alone
  • Always swim during the daylight
  • Do not stay in the cold water for too long.

If you keep these points in mind, you will have an experience in Stockholm that you'll cherish for years to come.

Activity #7 Pay a visit to Skansen

Among the most visited places in Stockholm is its open-air museum, Skansen. Located in Djurgården, it is one of the oldest museums in the world of its kind. Among the several things to enjoy here, the remarkable ones are:

  • A miniature of Sweden
  • A zoo
  • An aquarium
  • Numerous gardens
  • Delectable eateries

The Town Quarter depicted a Swedish Town in the 19th century. It has all the amenities like the post office, shops, bakery, etc., where you can pay a visit.

If you wish to collect a souvenir from here, pick one from the museum shops. You will get ample items to buy for your friends like handicrafts, ceramics, glassware, delicious biscuits, and a lot more. Stopping by this place should definitely be on your bucket list when you are in Stockholm.

Activity #8 Witness a view of a lifetime

We all have heard of the Northern Lights, popularly known as Aurora Borealis. However, very few had the opportunity to witness them. If you are fortunate, you might get the chance to observe this unusual yet magical phenomenon.

The night sky is painted with hues of red, pink, and green lights. This indeed is an out-of-the-world experience. Although this phenomenon is more prevalent in the North Pole, if you are blessed, you might also be able to watch this from the streets of Stockholm. The winters in this city are unquestionably a mystical experience.

Enjoy Our Sightseeing Ride in Stockholm

We believe that if you have to witness the beauty of a place, you cannot do it by just traveling through it. If there's an opportunity to see the charm of a city from a different perspective, you should definitely avail it. And that is the reason our boat rides are your perfect choice.

The Sightseeing ride departs from Slottet every day. It will give you a tour of the entire city in approximately 50 minutes. The professional guides telling you about the importance of each place, followed by delectable snacks, are the perfect duo for a date or a family outing.