Best Places to Visit in Stockholm in Winter

Stockholm has a lot to explore and is a place with a combination of nature and art. Visiting Stockholm in winter can be quite dicey. Though you won't be all covered in snow and get to experience typical chills still, the winters can be quite harsh. However, the tourist spots do not remain shut during the winters, and there is a lot to do at the place. Here’s what you can do, and you will have a trip filled with light, laughter, scenic views, and Swedish delicacies.


Vasaparken is located near Dalagatan 11C in Stockholm and is the perfect place to visit in winter as well as in summer. Famous for its craze for sports players, runners, and sunseeker, it is located at the center of the city. In winter, the ground is completely covered with mechanically produced ice. The surface is, therefore, safe to skate on and is counted among the best outdoor ice rinks in Stockholm. To get the best scenic view and skating experience, it is recommended to visit the place on winter nights when the area is lit up with street lamps and brilliant lights.

Cafe Koppen’s Cellar

Having a hot and delicious treat in winter while enjoying the beautiful central square can be a showstopper on your Stockholm trip. Cafe Koppen’s Cellar is situated in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old town, it is a balanced location of taste and history thus, the perfect place to have hot coffee. The downstairs seating at the cafes on the street feels like the coziest place to chat while wandering around the Great Church and Royal Palace.  Moreover, one can also find a range of authentic local cuisines like sandwiches, lasagna, and baked potatoes, including hot and cold drinks. 

Sightseeing Boat Ride 

Stockholm is a city that is constituted by some islands. Boats have become one of the major modes of transport for the residents of the city to travel from one island to another. Having a sightseeing tour on a boat can be an auspicious memory to capture. These ferries commute tourists from various routes while revealing a breathtaking view of the city from the coastline. Some of the core boat tours include Lake Malaren in the west, and Archipelago in the east, with several other tours to make your trip memorable. 

Stockholm Public Library: Situated at the top end of Norrmalm, the Public Library is a famous tourist stop in Stockholm. As said, don't judge a book by its cover; the outside of the building does not even have a bit of inside. The library is a featured one with curved shelves. If you have enough of the cold outside, the Public library of Stockholm can be an ideal stop. And if you want to spend a long time here you can sign up for the free library card and avail the services of the library.

Nordic Museum: If you want to go a little deeper into Swedish history, then explore the Nordic Museum. A 10-minute walk from Skansen will bring you to this museum. The museum is devoted to preserving objects from day-to-day life. A collection of toys, furniture, clothes, etc. from almost every corner of Sweden can be viewed here. If you want to have a look at Swedish traditions, the place has got all separate collections for it. If you want to learn about the culture of Sweden and want to visit a cozy place, then Nordic Museum is a must on your bucket list of tourist attractions.  

Bio Rio 

Entertainment in Stockholm can be easily found in Bio Rio. This district cinema is located near Stockholm’s upmarket. The signboard of the cinema is decorated with vibrant red lights. These are enough to attract a huge footfall to the cinema. A great filming screen is installed inside the hall that features movies every day.   Apart from ensuring fun and entertainment, the place also holds an amazing bar and restaurant to satisfy all your needs inside Bio Rio. If you are a little bored with the natural view of the city, visiting Bio Rio to uplift, your mood won’t be a bad idea

Vasa Museum 

Stockholm is a complete package for all kinds of tourists ranging from athletes to historians. The “Maritime Museum”  is established at Galärvarvsvägen 14 and is open for tourists to visit from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The monument is counted among the exclusive places that hold a fully intact ship which is believed to be a creation of the 17th century. Tourists who are keen to have a glance at the 64-gun warship, which was salvaged during the 1900s, should definitely visit this tourist attraction. Vasa museum is one of the most visited tourist places in the whole of Scandinavia and giving it a try will be worth it. 

The Royal Palace 

The breathtaking view of the Royal Palace during frosting winter is simply an awesome scenery that one should not miss. Located near Kungliga Slottet, the palace has been the residence of the royal family of Swedish Monarchs. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia also used to live in this building once, which uplifts the significance of the building. People from around the globe visit the monument to experience the heritage and impressive view of the palace on a winter night. The building is packed with interesting things to check out like Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities, the Tre Kronor Museum, the Royal Court of Sweden, and much more.

Christmas Market GamlaStan

Stockholm has an old town known as Gamla Stan it won’t be the same without its Christmas market. The typical Swedish small and, most importantly, red huts are spread over the whole market square Stortorget. What an enchanted and miraculous Christmas scenery it is that Stockholm residents like to call Julkmarknad. The Gamla Stan Christmas Market attracts people from all over Sweden. Everyone likes to gather around the brightly lit market stands where merchants come to gather to offer their valuable goods, so you should definitely travel there.


If you enjoy the outdoors, the Hellasgarden recreation area, 20 minutes from downtown Stockholm should be on your Stockholm bucket list. Here you can walk or bike along the paths. For the sporty visitor, open-air activities abound, including petanque, beach volleyball, fishing, tennis, canoeing, and yoga. During the winters, ice skating and cross country skiing dominate, with a hole cut in the ice for the bravest swimmers. There is also a sauna on-site. It is best for those people who like adventure sports.

Tyresta National Park

Although it is a small park, it has numerous lakes and gorge landscapes that feature rocky slopes. The majority of the park is blanketed with forest creating a beautiful escape into nature. Amongst the forested area, you will find rocky outcrops, small lakes, and marshes.

At the heart of the park is the significant coniferous old growth which is one of the largest forested areas in the southern part of the country. There are pine trees that are around 400 years old. If you are a forest lover, you should totally check out this place.


Hovet was Stockholm’s first ice hockey arena and is considered one of Sweden’s most ancient arenas. It is also known as Johanneshovs Isstadion. The specially designed roof was added after 8 years of making. Nowadays, Hovet is home ground to AIK hockey and Djurgarden Hockey and a popular multi-arena. So if you like to play ice hockey you can visit this place. It is the best place for those who like the game and the arena is also used for concerts and corporate events.

Stockholm Archipelago

It is very beautiful and can be visited in any season of the whole year. The archipelago is a cluster of some 30,000 islands, skerries, and rocks spreading 80 km east from the city into the Baltic Sea. Some large islands are famed for swimming, and summer parties, and others are little more than rocky outposts or grass knolls visited by the odd seal or kayaker. You can actually cook your own fish at Barbeque stations at camping sites or visit some famed Swedish restaurants by the locals. The archipelago is called Skargarden. It is most popular to enjoy the archipelago by ferries. You can book it and then roam between the islands


Östermalm can be the best place for visitors who are party persons. The place is fully packed with a number of nightclubs that offer an impressive experience. Dramaten is one such restaurant/bar known in the country's performing arts community. Apart from that, Östermalm Design house is also a renowned location to visit in winter. It is a place of the most creative and chic designs. Reaching out to the design hall via the street market can help you get a hand at the local culture of Sweden.

Royal National City Park 

It is also considered the World’s first National Urban Park, which is six miles long. These City parks have thousands of animals with varying species ranging from moose to deer and birds to insects. In winter, the place even gets better for a small walk. The cold weather may vanish some breeds of insects and other reptiles, but still visiting the city park to see it covered with white snow can be an indelible memory for anyone. 

Stuff to pack for a Trip to Stockholm in Winter

Winters in Stockholm usually begin in December and continue till February. While most of the snowfalls take place during December, January and February are the coldest months of the season. Winters can be a bit harsh; therefore, you must pack your suitcase accordingly. You need to have stylish and warm outfits so that the weather doesn’t send chills down your spine during the trip. Here is a small list of stuff that is a must in your bag when you pack for your Stockholm trip:

  • Winter Boots: 

Winter boots are inevitable when you plan a trip to Stockholm during the chilly days. Keeping your feet warm is a must when you travel and explore around the city. Winter boots will help you prevent your feet from snow, rain, and any other harm.

  • Backpack:

While you wander around the streets, it’s quite uncommon that you don’t purchase local handicrafts and some other stuff. A small backpack is helpful for storing water bottles, some snacks, gadgets, and items you buy. 

  • Thermals: 

You are visiting a cold place, so there is no chance that you can skip your woolens. But carrying too many jackets, sweaters, or long coats is bulky, and also they can exceed the allowed weight limit for luggage. Opting for thermals is better because they are easy to carry, and also, a base layer of thermal can help you keep your body warm.

Best Hotels To Stay in Stockholm in Winter

During the end days of December and the months of January and February, you can expect a temperature of - 1°Celsius and -2°Celsius. A good hotel is something that you need to look for every time you visit a place. Stockholm has a combination of budget as well as luxury hotels. You can choose an ideal place to stay according to your budget.

  • Budget Hotels: 

Located near the central bus station, the City hostel is one of the great choices when it comes to budget hotels. It is surrounded by a good locality, and the markets are also easily accessible. Also, if you wish to stay in the center of the city Gamla Stan and enjoy the liveliness of the place, you can opt for Archipelago Hostel Old Town.

  • Mid-Range Hotels: 

Located in Gamla Stan, Hotel Skeppsbron is a great place to stay and is a throwback from all the major tourist spots of the city and the Christmas markets. If you are looking for luxury within budget, then you can opt for Malardrottningen Yacht Hotel. The cabins are beautifully designed with dark woods, and you can even enjoy a sauna.

  • Luxury Hotels:

If you are comfortable spending money and want to have a luxurious stay in Stockholm, then Hotel Hellesten and Hotel Frantz can be your choices. You can go for the former one if you prefer rooms with a touch of history along with modern amenities, or you can opt for the latter one if you want to stay in a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city.

Those were some of the suggestions for staying in Stockholm; however, you can always explore other options available.

Open Boat Rides in Stockholm in Winter

Sweden’s capital is surrounded by water and is also called beauty on the water. The Open Boat rides in Stockholm are fun. You get to view all the famous landmarks of Stockholm, a state that is a unique mix of woods and waters. 

You can consider spending your morning or afternoon time in a traditional Swedish boat and exploring the beauty around you. Since there are chances you might get some dust and water on your clothes, you must dress accordingly. Even if you are not that fond of water, you will love this ride.


Stockholm is a wonderful city with a mix of nature, art, and history. The Sweden capital is an ideal tourist location for those who want to explore underrated places because this place is a hidden gem. With a lot more to explore, adventure activities like open boat rides add more thrill to the place. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a relaxing winter vacation, Stockholm is your location.